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            联系人: 陈海清

            手机: 13801425925

            电话: 0513-80557597

            传真: 0513-80557596

            邮箱: chq@jiangyang-china.com

            网址: www.dayachem.com

            地址: 江苏省如皋市江安镇


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              Our company was founded in 1971, is by the Taizhou city, Jingjiang Industry and Commerce Administration registration, with the sole legal personality of the limited liability company, Jiangsu Province Quality and Technical Supervision Measurement Assurance confirmed that the enterprise; China Classification Society recognized quality certification (ISO9001: 2008) quality system certification enterprises. Main Products: Marine air bottles, pressure tank, foam tank, reservoir pump, ash cans, (Mars out) mufflers, speed control area closed valve boxes and other access to CCS (China), DNV (Norway), LR (UK), BS (United States), GL (Germany), BV (France), KR (South Korea), NK (Japan), RINA (Italy), PRS (Poland) and a number of plant classification society approval or product approval.
              Company is located in Jingjiang City, Jiangsu Province Economic Development Zone, Newport Park, covers an area of 20,000 square meters, construction area of 10,000 square meters, including standard workshop of 4,500 square meters, has fixed assets of 800 million yuan, more than 150 employees, including all kinds of engineering and technical personnel 50 people. Since its inception, and constantly increase investment, expand production capacity, with a standardized exposure of non-destructive testing room, physical and chemical laboratories, mechanical properties laboratory. Welding of all types, more than 60 sets of machinery and equipment, CNC flame cutting machine 1 sets, 32mm Rolling a platform, 25mm rolling machine 2 sets, Z3080 shaking a platform, processing diameter up to 4m of vertical lathe 1 units and so on. Production capacity has gradually increased sales long-term development, the company currently has a production scale of annual output 5,000 million.
              Integrity cast "Jiang-yang" is based on the book, science and technology to create a "Jiang foreign" brilliant way! Chen Qing, general manager takes along all staff warmly welcome domestic and foreign new and old customers come to guide!